32 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #3

18 Weeks
Last week I turned 32 weeks! I decided to wait until this week to update y'all since I had a midwife appointment scheduled...

So here's my 32 week pregnancy update:

Weight this week: 130.8 pounds - up almost 3 pounds from 28 weeks!

Measurement around waist: 30" - weirdly down 1/2" since last time...

Measurement around belly: 36 1/4" - up 2 1/4 inches from 4 weeks ago.

How big is baby? Baby weighs about 3 3/4 pounds, and is about 16.7 inches long from head to heel. About the size of a (large) jicama!

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new to report here! But I did buy a few clothes for the postpartum recovery period. I hope they fit!

Movement: This kid seriously kicks so much and so hard. He/she has found my ribs...fun. So I get kicked in the ribs and the bladder at the same time now. When I go to bed is when the kicking really ramps up, and it takes at least half an hour or more for the baby to fall asleep. 😩

Cravings: Since I'm doing Sugar Free January again, I kind of miss my chocolate. But other than that, there hasn't been anything major!

Aversions: Nothing that I can think of!

Aches/Pains: The pain is really different day-to-day. Some days my back and hips barely hurt, and others the pain is so bad. I had to take a warm bath the other night to try to relax everything. But my belly stuck out of the water most of the way. 🙄

The kicks are sometimes quite painful as well.

I'm getting to the stage of pregnancy where I'm ready to be done. I really hate and dread postpartum recovery, but I'm going to have to go through it anyway, so I can't wait to get the process started!

What with my chronic fatigue and pregnancy, it will be almost a year since I've felt like myself once the baby comes. I'm hoping I can get back to something like my former self at some point this year!

Sleep: Welp. Quality sleep seems to have gone out the window. The insomnia is back. I can only sleep for about 5-6 hours after I go to bed, and then my sleep is pretty poor after that (if I can actually fall asleep again). Le sigh.

Fitness: My goal this month is to work out 3 times a week. So far so good!

Midwife Visit: My midwife came for a checkup when I was 33 weeks.

I was measuring 31, probably because the baby was in a curved position.

My midwife estimated that the baby was around 5 pounds. 😳😅

My urine test revealed that I was still spilling a lot of ketones again. I wonder if that's partly because I'm not eating sugar?

My blood pressure was low, as usual.

And that's my 32 week pregnancy update! 

Compare it to my previous pregnancies:

Here's my belly progression so far:


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