October Snow

Technically our first snow was on September 28 this year. But it was pretty light-duty.

On October 4th, it made another appearance. This time it was a bit heavier.

James woke up and told us that it had snowed.

It didn't last too long before it was all melted, but it was pretty while it was here!

 A few days later, we got another light dusting.

 And then, on October 10th, the snow came in earnest.

The world was covered in white.

My poor pumpkin (secured from the farmers market) didn't have very long to shine before the snow came.

The contract between the fall colors and the white snow was funny and sad.

 Of course I had to capture some snowflake bokeh.

I also tried to get a good macro shot of the snowflakes. I'll have to do some more practicing to get it right...

When did the snow come for you this year?

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