Our Spring (I Got a Macro Lens)

Whew! It's been a minute since I've shared on this blog. Which makes me sad, because I love this creative outlet. But some health problems have rendered me a jelly since April, and I just haven't had the mental energy to push out posts here. I have continued to share on my cooking blog, Buttered Side Up, and also on my personal Instagram page. So you can get caught up over there if you'd like!

I want to start posting here regularly again. It's awkward sharing photos from months ago, but these are things I want to remember. So let's get up to speed, shall we?

It's a tradition of mine to let the kids splash around in muddy puddles in the spring. We've been cooped up for so long at this point (Minnesota winters are dreadfully long), and I'm usually feeling pretty lenient.

Jim loved it, of course.

Once May rolled around, I knew it was time to take a walk in the woods and find the hepaticas. Reuben pushed the kids out in our bike trailer (I finally got around to ordering a new wheel!).

Sure enough, there were beautiful hepaticas poking up through the ground.

Since I was still very much dealing with fatigue (you can read more about that HERE), it was all I could manage to slowly walk out to the hepaticas, and slowly walk back to the house. Tough times for sure. But the beauty of God's creation cheered me up!

I saw these beauties at Target, and I knew I had to bring them home. 

 I experimented with my new macro lens on them...

So delicate!

 The innards of a tulip. Sorry, that sentence felt crass for something so achingly beautiful.

 The kids happily played outside, getting dirty, while I walked around and took pictures. Yes, Jim's shoes aren't matching. 🤷

Not sure what this is exactly, but it looks otherworldly.

It's difficult to get the focus just right on a macro lens. The depth of field is so narrow!

Helen's eyelashes. I love her freckles so much!

So there's a very small taste of our spring. I'll be back again (soon, I hope!) with another update.


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