12/13 Week Pregnancy Update

18 Weeks
Well, the cat's out of the bag! We're expecting baby #3, due at the end of February! It's crazy to me that I'm starting on this journey of pregnancy again, but it's also very exciting!

If you'd like to see the cute way we announced my pregnancy this time around, head over to my cooking blog.

Finding Out I Was Pregnant: I was 5 days late, so I decided to take a pregnancy test. Part of me thought it was silly to take it so soon, but part of me kind of knew that I was pregnant. I had been sleeping more lately...

Sure enough, the test was positive! I didn't want to tell Reuben over the phone or with a text message. So I took the kids to his job site. But his dad was there, so I didn't feel comfortable breaking the news just yet.

I waited until after the kids were in bed...and put the pregnancy test in a gift bag and gave it to Reuben. When I told him the due date was once again in February, we both had a good laugh. And a serious talk about how we needed to build our house ASAP (more about that in a different post).

First Symptoms: As I mentioned, I had been sleeping more at night. About 5-6 weeks in I started to have nausea at night, and I had to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

Earlier on in the first trimester, I also had acne on my chin and forehead. Which is strange, because my tiny forehead bumps disappeared with my other 2 pregnancies. They're mostly gone now, though.

I've also developed a stuffy nose, which usually happens when I'm pregnant. Bloating is another fun symptom. I feel so gross and pudgy sometimes, but Reuben assures me I don't look that different yet.

And now that the early pregnancy sleep marathon is over, I have insomnia. So fun (NOT). My back has also started to hurt at night, but if I sleep with pillows for support it helps a lot.

I've also had pains in my backside and hips, which seems early!

Food Aversions: Nothing too major. Mostly things that I "binged" on and then got tired of. Haha!

Food Cravings: Oh man. The food cravings are real this time around! With my previous pregnancies, I've had an aversion to junk food and craved fruits and vegetables. Well. Things are a bit different this time. I still love fruits and vegetables, but I also want JUNK FOOD. Specific junk foods: pepperoni pizza, cheeseburgers, cheetos, poptarts...it was fairly intense. Thankfully that has subsided now, but it was really hard to pass on the junk for a while!

Smell Aversions: They have been so annoying this pregnancy! As usual things like Reuben's deodorant are repulsive, but new smells make me feel sick. The weirdest one: fresh air. Yes, fresh air smells bad to me! Not when I'm actually out in it, but when it comes through the windows or if the kids have the smell on their clothes when they come inside. I purchased a bottle of pregnancy-safe shampoo, but the smell was so horrid that I couldn't use it. Well, I foolishly used it once, and my own hair made me feel sick!

Weight at 12 Weeks: I was 111.5 pounds at 12 weeks. I started out this pregnancy at 107.5 pounds, so I've gained 4 pounds so far!

Measurement Around Waist at 12 Weeks: My waist is slowly but surely disappearing...at 12 weeks it measured 27.5 inches. It was 26.5 inches at 5 weeks.

Measurement Around Belly at 12 Weeks: I don't exactly look pregnant yet...just a bit tubby. My belly was 29.5 inches at 12 weeks. It was 28.5 at 5 weeks.

How Big is Baby? According to Baby Center, at 13 weeks the baby is almost 3 inches long, and weighs nearly an ounce. It's crazy how quickly a human life can go from a tiny dot to that big!

Maternity Clothes? Not really. I put on a pair of maternity short yesterday because I was feeling really bloated, but they were actually worse than regular shorts. The part that goes over your belly was irritating me. Pretty sure I'll need to bust out the maternity clothes in the next month though.

Movement? Not yet! I thought I felt it a few weeks ago, but I think that was just my stomach rearranging itself for pregnancy.

Fitness: I finally started working out again a couple of weeks ago. My fatigue prevented me from doing anything nearing strenuous exercise, but I've gained enough energy back to work out. I'm aiming to do 20 minutes of prenatal exercises every week day that I can, which usually works out to 3-4 times a week. I'm also trying to take walks whenever possible.

Supplements: Here's a list of all of the supplements I'm taking (some links are affiliate)

These were what my naturopathic doctor recommended, and my midwife approved of everything as well.

Speaking of which, I had my first prenatal midwife appointment! Everything was looking good...I was well hydrated, though my ph was a little off. I measured 11.5 at 12 weeks. The kids and I got to hear baby's heartbeat, which was so reassuring! ❤

So that's my 12/13 week pregnancy update! 

Just for fun, here's a comparison of what I looked like with baby #2 vs baby #3! Pretty similar, even though I feels like I've popped out sooner this time.



  1. Very happy news! I hope you have some help around the house (neighbors, family, friends), with 2 little ones already keeping you busy.

    1. I'm definitely hoping to enlist some help for the postpartum period! 😅

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