18 Month Update | James

This little guy is growing up so fast! It feels like he's learning new things every day. It's so exciting to see his little mind expand.

Here are some photos I took of him the other morning. Isn't he a little hunk? :)

He's *technically* 19 months here...close enough!

18 Month Update

18 Month Update
18 Month Update
18 Month Update
18 Month Update
18 Month Update
18 Month Update
18 Month Update

I also thought it would be fun to include a photo from each month since he turned one:
13 Months 01
13 Months

14 Months 02
14 months - he was so much more bald!

15 Months 01
15 Months: Yeah, those pants are...interesting. Haha!

16 Months 01
16 Months

17 Months 02
17 Months - He loves his smoothies!

18 Months


  • He recently upgraded to size 5 diapers at night! He was consistently waking up with wetness on his front where the diaper had leaked. So we increased the size. He had been wearing size 4 diapers since he was about 5 months old!
  • He also recently upgraded to 18 month clothing. 
  • He's a pretty messy eater, but he's learning! It's important to us to teach our kids to be neat eaters. 
  • He knows quite a lot of words, and it seems like he tries out new ones every day.
  • He says short sentences (such as: "His name Birk," referring to a dog). 
  • He'll sing a bit of Twinkle Twinkle and a few other songs.
  • He knows the names of quite a few of his body parts, and will point to them (nose, eyes, ears, hair, head, belly, etc.).
  • For several months has been able to put his finger to his lips and say "Shhhh!" And now he'll say, "Daddy...sleepin'!" in a whisper. It's very cute. 
  • He knows the names of most of his cousins, a few of his aunts', and says Grandma and Grandpa (sometimes he says Papa for Grandpa).
  • He's also learning to count. When I say "One..." he'll answer with "Two!" And sometimes he'll even say "free" (three).
  • His favorite foods are chippies (chips), bacon, avocado, berries, butter, pumpkin custard, shepherd's pie...he likes a lot of food!
  • He's all done nursing (we were officially done mid-September). 
  • Sadly he doesn't like a lot of green leafy vegetables, or chicken.
  • He loves it when we read books to him, especially if there's a car in the book.
  • Which reminds me: he ADORES cars, trucks, airplanes, etc. Just about any motorized vehicle. He can distinguish between cars, trucks, and dump trucks. 
  • He loves Reuben. In fact, he often prefers to be held by Reuben. Such a difference between him and Helen! 
  • He loves to dance. When he hears a song with a beat, he starts grooving.
  • He has shown interest in using the toilet. I haven't decided yet if I'll pursue that. Car underwear would probably be a good incentive. ;)
  • He usually still takes 2 naps - 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon. His bedtime varies from 7-9, depending on the day and how late he slept in for his second nap. He'll usually sleep around 10-12 hours at night.
  • He has his molars, and most of the rest of his teeth are in (his canines are still popping through). 
  • He plays make-believe with certain objects, especially phones.

So that's Jim's 18 month update! I might have to do a post soon about the funny things he says. :D

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