10 Months Update | James

James turned 10 months old last Tuesday. 

His development wasn't as radical as it was last month, but he's still doing new things all the time.

November 15, 2016

Giving his sister a ride!

November 26, 2016

Sitting in the sled with sister while we got our tree!

November 29, 2016

Watching Helen decorate the tree.

November 29, 2016

James LOVES this princess car!

December 7, 2016

James pushes things into the Christmas tree in an attempt to get closer to it.

My boy!

James has started to put his head down on the floor when he's mad about something. Stinker.

He likes to pull himself up to standing on my legs.

Not quite confident enough to walk on his own yet!


  • Still in size 4 diapers.
  • I'm packing away his 9 month clothes - he was bursting out of his onesies! He can still fit some 9 months pants, though. 
  • He knows what the word "milk" means. When I ask him if he wants milk, he crawls quickly towards me. :)
  • He stands without assistance very briefly.
  • He notices his baby girl cousins and is interested in them. He likes to touch their heads. 
  • He LOVES dogs. We have a board book with animal pictures - he's so interested when I make the animal sounds for him. He also loves dog videos.
  • He has 2 new teeth popping out on top: one on each side of his front teeth.
  • Sometimes he prefers to feed himself now.
  • James will sometimes get offended when I don't let him touch things. I wouldn't let him take his baby cousin Emily's blanket off of her, and his eyes just welled up with tears. The same thing happened when I wouldn't let him pickpocket a waitress's card.
  • He's also taken to fake crying. 
  • He uses some objects for their intended purpose: he tries to comb his hair with a brush. 
  • He LOVES his bath time. When he hears me turn the water on, he crawls toward the tub as fast as he can.
  • James still has 2 naps a day (one in the morning, one in the afternoon), and he usually goes to bed around 7 and wakes up between 6:30 and 7:30.

So there's Jim's 10 month update!


  1. Sweetest boy! I love your updates.

    1. So glad you enjoy the updates! And he IS a sweet boy. :D


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