8 Months Update | James

I know I say this like, every month, but...I can't believe that my little boy is eight months old already! Here's what he's been up to lately...

8 Month Update 01 - 9-11-16
Sep. 11, 2016
James finally figured out regular (not army) crawling early on in the month. He can get around like a pro!

8 Month Update 02 - 9-18-16
Sep. 18, 2016
Those eyes! Blue-grey like his daddy's.

8 Month Update 03 - 9-18-16
Sep. 18, 2016
James isn't too fond of hats...

8 Month Update 03 - 9-19-16
Sep. 19, 2016
James has the best clothes of all of us. ;)

8 Month Update 05 - 9-24-16
Sep. 24, 2016
I had to take an emergency trip into town while Reuben was gone camping. Reuben's family graciously agreed to watch the kiddos for me while I shopped. I gave them some milk that I had pumped, but they didn't need to use it. So I decided to let Helen feed some of it to Jim. She LOVED it, but he eyed me warily, wondering if it was okay.

8 Month Update 13 - 9-26-16 2
Sep. 26, 2016
Not long after figuring out crawling, Jim moved on to standing! He was OBSESSED for a few weeks. He would stand up in his crib and refuse to go to sleep.
He thinks he's so big.

8 Month Update 07 - 9-26-16
Sep. 26, 2016
He got his first teeth!

8 Month Update 08 - 9-29-16
Sep. 29, 2016
They love being outside.

8 Month Update 09 - 9-30-16
Sep. 30, 2016
Examining Grandpa.

8 Month Update 10 - 9-30-16
Sep. 30, 2016
Sittin' in a camp chair all by himself.

8 Month Update 11 - 10-2-16
Oct. 2, 2016
"Helping" Daddy with a project.

8 Month Update 13 - 10-7-16
Oct. 7, 2016
He crawled right into this cupboard...


*He's still in size 4 diapers.
*He still wears 9 month clothes, but he definitely fits into some 12 month shirts.
*He's standing AND cruising! We're predicting that he'll be walking at Christmas. We'll see...
*He popped two more teeth! His two front ones are still making their way out.
*James LOVES food. Especially bananas and pears. I usually make him a mixture of fruit, egg yolk, cream, butter, salt, and maybe some bone broth (if I have any on hand). I also gave him some chicken liver pate. He wasn't super keen on it. I try to give him cod liver oil, emu oil, and probiotics every day.
*He said "Dada" the other day. So cute! He loves Reuben.
*We moved Jim into his own bedroom! I was prepared to do the cry-it-out method with him to get him to stop eating SO much during the night, but I didn't need to! Once he was in his own room, he figured it out by himself. It is AMAZING to not have to wake up so much in the night.
*James is down to 2 naps a day (which may have contributed to him sleeping through the night). He takes one long one at around 9:30, and another less-long one around 1:30.

So that's Jim's 8 month update!


  1. He is so cute! (And his clothes - adorable.) I'm impressed at his nice teeth. My kids are on the later side for teeth, 8 or 9 months so we're still waiting on Ezekiel.

    1. I feel like my kids are on the late side as well - one of my sister's daughters got her first teeth at like 4 or 5 months!


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