32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

32 Weeks
Weight this week: 131.8 pounds

Measurement around waist (ha!): 30.5"

Measurement around belly: 35.5"

How big is baby? Baby weighs about 3.75-4 pounds and measures about 16.7 inches long.

Maternity Clothes: I purchased a maternity dress for my sister's wedding. It's not super flattering, but I might wear it anyway.

Movement: So. Much. KICKING! This kid is definitely a hard kicker.

Cravings: Nothing in particular - just food! I've been hungry lately.

Aversions: Nothing major.

Aches/Pains: My hip continues to give me trouble. Sometimes my right leg collapses if I stand up. I still have that pain in my right side occasionally. And I get a really bad stitch in my side sometimes.

Sleep: I've fallen into somewhat of a routine. I think I get pretty good sleep for being in my third trimester!

Fitness: Still going strong. I took a break over Thanksgiving, but I'm back into my routine.

Doctor's Appointment: On December 1st, I went in to see the doctor about the pain in my side. She said she didn't think it was likely that it was a placental abruption (whew!), and maybe it was an irritated nerve.

I also had a full ultrasound scan, and they didn't find any structural abnormalities with me or the baby. But the position of the placenta doesn't rule out an abruption according to where my pain is.

Also, the doctor measured ME as 29 weeks (I was 30 weeks along), but the baby was measuring 31 weeks 2 days. Interesting!

Thank you to all of you who were praying for me - the appointment went really well!

And that's my 32 week pregnancy update!

You can compare this week with my 33 week update from last pregnancy HERE.

Weeks 6-32

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  1. Hi Erica,
    I'm so happy that you and baby are well! Your updates are something I wish I'd done with our 3 boys!
    Laurie in California


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