The flowers were on clearance at Wal-Mart the day after Valentine's Day. I couldn't help myself. I was hoping that these tulips would open nicely, and I was not disappointed. 
The first photo was taken with my awesome iPhone 5S, and it's kinda my favorite of these pictures. I should do a post about my favorite editing apps. 
Also, I took the second to last photo at ISO 1000 so I could stop down the shutter and have a larger depth of field. I should remember to not be afraid of a higher ISO when I have good lighting.

What are your favorite kinds of flowers?

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  1. Hey,Exactly how does the water in the saucer get to the soil? Evaporation and condensation? Osmosis? If the roots of the plant (for non-bulbs) don't reach to the bottom of the container, by what mechanism does the water in the saucer do any good?Thank you so much.....
    Hospital equipment consultant


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