December Photo-a-Day 2013: Days 19 + 20

Knuckle Rings
Self Portrait
Fake Laugh
I’m sharing more than two photos from the past couple of days. Because reasons. The first is from yesterday, the other three from today.
1| My new knuckle rings. 2| Self portrait. 3| Mah curlz. It’s a good idea to document them since I rarely have time to curl my hair these days. 4| Helen’s fake laugh. Silly-head.

2 Responses to December Photo-a-Day 2013: Days 19 + 20

  1. Annie 
    Love those rings! And your long pretty hair. And that adorable baby smile. I just love all your pictures. :)
  2. Diane 
    You’ve grown into yourself, Erica. Lucky Reuben. ; )

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