December Photo-a-Day 2013: Days 12 + 13

So sorry I missed posting yesterday, guys! I was watching my sister’s kids while she and her husband went on a date yesterday afternoon/evening.
Day 12: Helen has been obsessed with walking the past few days. It was funny and amazing to see her so determined to learn how to walk. She taught herself how to stand up without assistance and was toddling around crazily. I can’t believe I’m already the mother of a “toddler!” You can see a short clip of her walking here (I’ll post a better video when I write up her ten month update).
Latte Art
A delicious breve (breve > latte) made by my bro-in-law. Yummy.

2 Responses to December Photo-a-Day 2013: Days 12 + 13

  1. Rachel 
    Awww, so sweet! How old is she now? :)
    Mmmm, breve’s are the best! *clinks coffee cup to yours*
    Blessings & Grace,
  2. Erica Lea 
    Rachel: She just turned 10 months on Friday. :) Yeah, I’m kind of addicted to cream – lattes seem much less flavorful now.

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