Wet Autumn Day

Wet Autumn Day
Wet Autumn Day
Wet Autumn Day
Wet Autumn Day
Wet Autumn Day
Wet Autumn Day
Wet Autumn Day
Wet Autumn Day
Chai Gingerbread Bars
I do love a good wet, gloomy day, especially when the weather begins to turn chilly. It’s just so cozy to be “trapped” indoors.
I took Helen outside in the rain, wrapped in my hoodie, to get the mail. She seemed perplexed by the wetness hitting her face. Seeing how lovely everything was in the misty rain, I set Helen back inside for Reuben to watch while I captured the beauty of the trees just beginning to change color.
Back inside, I fixed myself a cup of black tea and a Chai Gingerbread Bar with whipped cream while Helen took her second nap.
What did you do this Saturday? Are you excited for chilly weather?

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  1. Liz 
    I can’t wait for the chilly weather to arrive. Cozy fires, hot tea, spicy soups… I love it all. Here in the bluegrass, it’s still hitting upper 70s in the afternoons, though the mornings are getting chillier. Despite this, I have been super excited for fall and doing “fall” things regardless of the weather. Made a lavender Earl Grey latte and helped my brother make a paella, though I am hoping to fit in time for some pumpkin muffins.. :) Looks like autumn is in full force for you guys, though!
    In retrospect, I have no idea how fall-ish making paella is, but it’s yummy.:P
  2. (Auntie) Jean Plate 
    Thanks, Erica, for the beautiful pictures and letting us “peek into the window of your life” now and then!
    I enjoy seeing Helen grow! Thanks, too, for the pictures of the horse (is that old Cody?) and the maple leaves! (The only maple I’ve gotten to survive here in Alaska is about 18 inches high and is about 10 years old!) I loved seeing the colors in the rain.
    Today we moved a small mountain of top soil…well, at least part of it…to cover the excavation that happen at our well and around the new house for Grandma. Oh, we also winterized the bus and motorhome, so yes, we are mostly ready for winter. (One more garden to till.) There’s fresh snow on the mountains but no snow here yet. The sky tonight looked very much like it will be here soon.
    This evening we took the kids out for a progressive supper! First stop, our favorite Mexican restaurant for chips and salsa. Then on to our favorite burger place for wings and 1 hamburger with fries (shared between the 4 of us) and desert was at McDonalds…shakes, McFlury and a smoothy! It was a fun evening.
  3. Nat @ Made in Home 
    Beautiful pictures! I love the Autumn!
  4. Sarah 
    So pretty! I love rainy autumn days.
  5. Erica Lea 
    Liz: Yes, as soon as the weather isn’t blazing hot, I’m in a fall mood. :) Oh, all of your food sounds amazing! Now I really want paella – it’s been YEARS since we’ve had it. Maybe I can convince Mom to make some. :D
  6. Erica Lea 
    Auntie Jean: Yes, that’s old Cody (from Auntie Barb). I loved the little droplets of rain on his “whiskers.” :)
    Sounds like you guys had a busy Saturday! I think it’s awesome what you’re doing for Ric’s mom.
    That sounds like a fun supper. I like to sample lots of different kinds of foods.
    Thank you for sharing about your day – it transports me to Alaska. :)
  7. Erica Lea 
    Nat: Thank you! Yes, Autumn is my favorite season. :)
  8. Erica Lea 
    Sarah: Thank you! Me too. So cozy. :)

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  1. Beautiful images, I just came across your blog and love it! I do think that horse looks very thin though ....not sure if you know who owns it, but that is my impression.


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