Knitting Project: Pixie Tadhd Hat

Pixie Hat
Pixie Hat
Pixie Hat
Pixie Hat
Pixie Hat
Pixie Hat
For some reason, hats just don’t want to stay on a baby’s head, especially a newborn’s head. So I decided to knit a hat for Helen with ties. Of course she picks it off her head immediately and I haven’t had the courage to tie it down yet (she’d probably just get really frustrated that she can’t take it off). But, if I sneak it onto her head when she’s occupied with something else (like the flowers in the third photo), she ignores it for a while.
I dressed her in a cute, cozy sweater for these photos, but I was too lazy to put pants on her. I’m cool like that, yo. She’s gotten to a very wiggly stage – diaper changes are a nightmare. She’s very strong and bucks and strains very hard whenever I try to dress or change her.

Anywho, here’s some details about the hat in case you want to make if for your cutie (or someone else’s cutie).

Pattern: Pixie Tadhg [FREE]
Yarn: Unknown worsted weight (I picked it up second hand and it didn’t have a label).
Needles: US size 8 sixteen-inch circular and double pointed needles
This pattern was very easy. I was able to knit it up in about a day. Though I did have to rip it out after I realized that I had twisted my stitches (see second photo). You try casting on with an active baby clamoring for your attention and see how well you fair. ;)

And now I’m eager to start another project. I’m already working on this lovely scarf. Then, perhaps, these boot cuffs.

3 Responses to Knitting Project: Pixie Tadhd Hat

  1. Megan 
    Super cute! :) Love it!
  2. Diane 
    So darling! (The hat is cute, too. ; ))
    Is your family Norwegian? These hats are very popular with the Norse. I made some like it for my boys were small, but I made them in red. If Helen fusses at having the hat tied under her chin, don’t worry. She’ll get used to it soon. Explain to her that she needs hair if she wants to go hatless. j/k
  3. Lisa 
    Miss Helen is just the absolute cutest baby! What a darling hat. The last picture? Gorgeous!

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