My Project 52 + Life Lately

The First 9 Weeks
I have decided to undertake a Project 52…of Helen! Here are the first 9 weeks of her life. It’s amazing how much she’s changed already! She’s gone from 6 lb 14 oz to around 12 pounds – that’s almost double her birth weight!
Here are some more random photos of our girly:
Out Like a Light
Out like a light on daddy’s chest.
Easter Sunday: cousin Susan was so excited to get to “hold” baby Helen.
Little Angel?
She looks like a little angel…when she sleeps…
Two sleepy-heads.
New Booties
Wearing her new booties, made by Grandma K!
Bath Time
Bath time!
Life is finally starting to settle down into something more of a routine. Sort of.
Helen is much less cranky than she used to be, and is even starting to be able to go 2 hours between feedings. Huzzah! And she sleeps really well at night – she usually sleeps for a 4-5 hour stretch when she first goes down and only wakes up 1-2 more times in the night. But BOY is she squirmy when she wakes up – legs kicking and arms windmilling.
She’s found her fist – she loves to munch on it. And she’s just starting to bat her hands at interesting objects. It’s amazing how fast she’s learning new things.
Until next time!

2 Responses to My Project 52 + Life Lately

  1. Judy 
    Enjoy every moment, this time is so fleeting and precious.
  2. Mary 
    Oh my goodness; she is adorable, and her facial expressions are priceless! And hilarious. Babies are so funny. I’m currently 6.5 months preggers with baby #5. And I still remember how terrifying and exhausting the first one was. You’re doing great! And you look fabulous, by the way. Enjoy…drink in that beautiful new baby smell.

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