Helen Adelaide | Birth Announcement + 1 Week Update

Helen Adelaide
Born: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 12:03 PM
Weight: 6 pounds 14 ounces |  Height: 20.5 inches
Whew. I gave birth.
I think I’m safe in saying that it was the most painful, exhausting experience of my life so far.
But it was so worth it.
This little girly is already growing & acquiring a double chin. It’s so wonderful to see her get stronger every day.
I can’t put into words how much I love her. She is so precious to me.
And that’s all I can write for now with this little dolly sleeping on my chest.

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  1. Flavia 
    Congratulations and blessings, Erica! She is so beautiful and how fantastic and thoughtful that you took the time to publish this blog post to share Helen with all of us. I hope you are getting as much rest as possible. I can’t wait to see pictures of little Helen as she continues to grow and thrive. Hugs to all of you!
  2. Linda J 
    Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. Our daughter-in-law’s due date was 3 days after yours…………we are still waiting!! Enjoy your beautiful baby!
  3. Claire L 
    Congratulations! She is so awake and inquisitive-looking for being a week old. I love her name! Is there a story behind it?
    I enjoy following both your cooking and portraits of life on both of your websites. Can’t wait to watch Helen grow and appear with you in future posts.
  4. Emily 
    Oh, congratulations friend! She is absolutely beautiful. There is something special about baby girls. (Granted, now that I’ve had one of each, I can say there’s something special about baby boys, too). She is perfect! I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to hear and see more. Well done!
  5. Sara 
    Congratulations! What a sweet little peanut. :)
  6. Kate 
    Congratulations, Erica!! She is adorable, and what a beautiful name!
  7. Sveta D. 
    What a doll! She is so cute! I was able to attend a birth a few weeks ago, and it was incredible! It amazes me how much work you mama’s go through for the little ones. :) But it’s worth it. Be blessed! (I do believe this is my first ever comment…but hey, we stalkers have to come out sometime. haha!)
  8. Kathryn Grace 
    Ooooh, she is SO beautiful! So, so precious. I love her name! Can’t wait to see more pictures as she grows. Judging by these pictures she is going to be a beauty. :-) Congratulations!
  9. vicki helgeson 
    Erica, You don’t know me, but I follow your blog. It is just wonderful and a blessing to read. Congratulations to you and your husband on the birth of your precious daughter! Blessings, Vicki
  10. Samantha 
    Ohhh!! She’s beautiful!!! Congratulations, Erica!
  11. Ayla 
    Congratulations! She is so beautiful. Love the name, too :)
  12. Begoña 
    Congratulations! She’s is really beautiful and yes, giving birth is… I cant put it into words. The most amazing experience i have ever had, i felt like a lioness! Strong, powerful. If we did that, we can do anything!!
  13. Josefin 
    Congratulations! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I’m excited for you all the way from Sweden. God bless!
  14. Martina 
    Congratulations to both of you :-) she is beuatiful.
  15. Jude 
    Yay! I was so happy to see that beautiful little face when I clicked on your blog. I’ve been checking in each day, waiting with bated breath. Glad everything is well. Xx
  16. jill 
    What an adorable child. God’s blessings on the new addition to your family. She is so precious. I’m anxious to hear how you and Reuben decided on her name. Congratulations to you all!
  17. Megan 
    Oh my goodness she is SO ADORABLE!! Congrats! :)
  18. Elizabeth 
    I’m so thrilled for you! What a precious blessing. Enjoy every moment with the little one.
  19. Hannah 
    Oh, sweet gorgeous baby! Congratulations! Rest up and enjoy that snuggly newborn!
  20. Sereina Charise 
    Aww, how sweet! She has such a beautiful name. Congrats!
  21. Dee 
    I’ve never commented before but I have followed this blog and your cooking blog for quite some time. Congratulations on the birth of Helen! She is beautiful! Enjoy this time….they grow up all too fast. God bless!
  22. Lauri 
    Congratulations to both of you… Helen is a cutie!
  23. Barbara 
    Congratulations Erica! She’s a little doll. Love her name!!
  24. Shelly 
    I’ve been checking in on you to see if you had your baby. She is adorable! Congrats!
  25. Diane 
    Congratulations, Erica and Reuben! Welcome to the world, Helen!
    She is beautiful and has a strong lovely name. Blessings to you all!
  26. Debbie Z. 
    What a beautiful little girl! I have been checking your website regularly, hoping to get a glimpse of the new baby…I am so glad she is here and the two of you are doing well. What a gift from God. You will take so many beautiful photos of her. She is lucky to have a photographer mommy. Best wishes to you and your husband as you embark on the journey of parenthood and all the joys it brings.
  27. Dancing Fingers Singing Keypad 
    Have been a silent admirer of this blog and your cooking blog.
    Heartiest congratulations to you and your husband! Your daughter is gorgeous and so very cute!
  28. Kristina 
    She is absolutely, there-are-no-words adorable!!! So, so precious. Enjoy every moment. Congratulations! And thanks for letting us know. :)
  29. Laura 
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and just wanted to say congratulations! I just repinned that second picture on Pinterest this morning but didn’t look at where it came from – so only just now found out that it was in fact your baby! She is absolutely gorgeous :)
  30. Diane 
    Oh congratulations to you all! Such a lovely family. Thank you for sharing such adorable photos.
  31. Debbie 
    I have never commented here before, but I follow your cooking blog and use several of your recipes regularly. I checked over here to see if your baby had been born. I have to tell you congratulations and that she is honestly very, very adorable. I know you will enjoy these special days. Newborns are exhausting and the lack of sleep for parents is taxing, but the dawning of that special new love is the most amazing thing ever. I love snuggling a newborn and was happy to sit for hours with each of my three when they were tiny. Each time I had a baby I thought it would be my last so I cherished each moment of holding them. So many of the other duties of life can wait. Babies are tiny for such a short time. Happy snuggling!
  32. Abbie 
    Congratulations Erica and Reuben!
    What a beautiful little girl and I’m so happy that all went well!
    God’s blessing on you all!
  33. gift4gab 
    Congratulations! She is beautiful. I am so happy for your family.
  34. JMN 
    I’m another reader who uses your recipes regularly (in fact my husband is making your meatballs for my birthday right this minute!) and I too wanted to add my congratulations on your beautiful little girl. And, yes, I fully agree with your assessment of giving birth – I have not forgotten the pain or the wonder and it has now been ten months since my little boy was born. In any case, many congratulations and thank you for the many recipes we’ve enjoyed from your blog over the years. All the best for these first weeks!
  35. Menaka 
    First time leaving a comment here.
    Congrats! She looks adorable, isn’t she? And that hat in the first picture, is it the turban style hat?
    I am due on April 12th; my 4th baby and I have 3 little ones at home. My first son turns 4 on the 3rd of April so we will for sure have a big celebration:)
    I loooove reading about people’s pregnancy (yeah yeah I am nosy) so I have been following your pregnancy update for a while.
    God bless you and enjoy your bundle of joy.
  36. Rebecca 
    She’s beautiful! Congratulations and blessings. She’s looks like her Dad, hey?
  37. Vanessa 
    Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful! :) I love that second to last picture. ;) She is precious- congratulations!
  38. Abigail 
    Your baby is so beautiful!!!! :D How do you like being a mother? :)
  39. Manu Grice 
    Warmest congratulations on the arrival of your gorgeous baby girl! I love reading your blogs and your rice pudding recipe has become a family favourite. Enjoy this precious time with your beautiful daughter!
  40. Jelli 
    Congratulations! You both made it through birth well, it seems. I’m so happy that you’ve got a healthy gorgeous little blessing girl to enjoy now. Yep, I agree that birth was pretty intense–more than I’d expected to be sure, but 110% worth it. God knows what he’s doing, and being a mama is beyond words incredible. Enjoy this new phase with Helen and Reuben. (Isn’t it great watching your husband in “daddy”mode?)
  41. Moriah Mari 
    Oh, congratulations!! She’s precious! I am so happy for you and your husband.
    ~ Moriah
  42. Madeleine 
    Hello, Erica. I just discovered your blog a little while ago, and have been so enjoying it! I am fifteen, and delight in so many of the same things! The Lord bless you and your darling little one. She is very sweet. I will continue to read your blog, because it’s so inspiring. My Mama said,”That will be you in a few years!” :)
  43. Melanie 
    Congratulations! She is a beauty. Enjoy every moment. My baby is just over a year now, and on the one hand, the time has flown right by; on the other hand, it has crept by with so many precious, sweet moments. :)
  44. Lauren @ Beautiful Fight 
    Awww! She shares my birthday! :)
  45. sarah marie 
    Congratulations! What a beautiful girl with a beautiful name!
  46. Cait 
    Congratulations and blessings to you, Reuben, and baby Helen Adelaide. She is beautiful. Well done mama! My baby just turned one and I love to look back on her birth. What an incredible gift and experience, however painful and hard.
  47. DessertForTwo 
    Congrats, Erica! She’s beautiful! And what a sweet name :) Many congrats to you & Reuben :)
  48. Sarah K. 
    Aw,goodness. She is so perfect. I saw the first picture pop up around Pinterest, and I didn’t even realize she was yours!

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