My Year in Photos 2012 Part 2

And at long last, the second half of my 2012 year in photos…
See the first half here.


I had the privilege of photographing the C family kids. They are so photogenic.
My Kitchen Garden flourished.
We had a huge storm that knocked over many trees.
We spent a few weekends at the cabin.
Fun times at the family reunion.
Baby Susan gets more adorable each day.


More fun times at the other family reunion.


We finally announced to the world that we are expecting!
005 - more contrast
I had so much fun doing a mini session with my sister-in-law. See more photos on her blog here.
Elinor turned four.
Here I am at 20 weeks.


We had a beautiful first snow. Read more about it here.
C Family 2012
I shot the C Family and my sister’s family.
Here I am at 24 weeks.


Frosty Morning
Here I am at 28 weeks.


Good times ice skating. I chose not to skate because of the risk of falling.
Our Christmas Tree
Christmas Morning.
Here I am at 33 weeks. I got very sick with a stomach bug, so I was unable to post at my regular 4-week interval.
And there you have our year in photos! It’s hard to believe that 2012 has already come to a close and that we’re so close to embarking on a new adventure as parents.
If you’d like to see my previous years in photos, follow the links below.
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Here’s to a marvelous 2013!

3 Responses to My Year in Photos 2012 Part 2

  1. Raelyn Nichole 
    What a nice post series! I really enjoyed “seeing” your 2012. Your sister’s husband looks an awful lot like Reuben. Are they brothers?
    -Raelyn Nichole
  2. Sarah G. 
    Raelyn I was wondering the same thing! They sure do look a lot alike. Fun pictures!
  3. Erica Lea 
    Raelyn & Sarah: Yes, my sister and I married brothers. It will be fun to see how similar/different our kids look. :)

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