My Year in Photos 2012 Part 1

And so 2012 has come and gone. It all seems a bit of a blur in my mind. Every year I’m so glad that I took the time to document little parts of our days with photographs. They help me to remember moments that would otherwise be completely lost.
Here are some of my favorites from 2012:


New haircut! That was the shortest I’d had it for quite a while. It was fun for a change, but I’m growing it back out now.
We took several ski trips. This is Reuben, being awesome. The norm.
You can watch a short video of us skiing here and here.


I hosted a tea party at our house. So. much. pretty. hair.
Since our uncle was traveling to Indonesia, we decided to have a Rijstaffel (Rice Table) for him, a traditional Dutch/Indonesia feast.
Grandpa’s lilies. Frosty tree. Handsome husband. My Valentines Day orchids. American flag. Pretty sister.
Various captures.


I can’t believe how much younger Reuben looks without his “affectation” (what we call his beard).
We did some rustic camping. You can see more photos and read the story here.
I did a mini session for my pretty sister, Amanda.
My adorable niece and nephew, Judah & Elinor.
New skirt.


Snow in April!
First sign that spring is truly here: the hepaticas, or Mayflowers as we used to call them.
With the warmer weather comes volleyball!


I love fixing little Elinor’s hair.
New addition to the family: baby Susan. Watch a film and read more about it here.
I got very sick. Kind of a scary time of my life.
Springtime. See more photos and a short film here.
Kitchen Garden
My kitchen garden. See more photos here.


Corn coming up.
Enjoying the warm weather by traipsing around the yard barefoot.
For our first anniversary we took a trip to the cities. I got to try out some new lenses and settled on a 28mm.
For supper one night we ate at Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza. It was delicious and different from anything you can get at a chain, but the service was (much) less than spectacular.
Tuesday, June 19: I learned that I was pregnant!


4 Responses to My Year in Photos 2012 Part 1

  1. Caitlyn 
    Gorgeous pictures, Erica!
  2. Elizabeth 
    I have been in love with your blog since I found it a couple years ago. What a lovely life you have. Thank you for sharing. Happy New Year. Feel Good!!!!!
  3. Kathryn Grace 
    I really enjoy your captures of your everyday life! Those purple flowers are just too pretty… I remember you posting that picture the first time.
  4. Abbie 
    So lovely to see these glimpses of your year – look forward to seeing the rest of them too! :)

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