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Posted by Erica Lea on January 15th, 2013 . Filed under: around the house .
In Today's Mail
Yesterday my order from David’s Tea arrived.
In Today's Mail
I am beyond excited for these mugs. I have been wanting some earthenware cups like this for a while, and I found them for a really good deal over at David’s.
Chai Tea
Along with each order they include three free samples of tea. The Chai they sent was absolutely lovely.
Chai Tea
Beautiful steam.
I had Reuben help me capture a cream-pouring shot and turned it into a gif.

What sorts of lovely things have you got in the mail lately?

8 Responses to Lovely Things in the Mail

  1. Megan 
    Love the cups!! :)
  2. Samantha 
    Those mugs are gorgeous!
  3. Rebecca Lately 
    Absolutely gorgeous! If my cupboard wasn’t already brimming with mugs, I would purchase those right away.
    Love the gif :)
  4. Peggy 
    Simply beautiful! I think I’ll have to keep checking on them since they are currently out of stock. We have a son who will be moving out on his own soon and these fit his personality and tastes perfectly.
    I recently received a BUNCH of different types of labels for canning jars and the cookbook “Food in Jars”… all of which were won on giveaways! I was so tickled felt like Christmas (or early birthday) all over again! :)
  5. Lorraine 
    I love those cups, but I didn’t see them on that website. What exactly am I supposed to click on?
  6. Erica Lea 
    Lorraine: Hummm…they must be out of stock right now. From what I can tell they are made by the Miya Company, but you can get them at Terrain as well. I got them for a MUCH better deal on David’s Tea – $19.50 for 4. Maybe they’ll get them back in stock!
  7. Anna H. 
    I was not able to find these mugs on the website you linked to? Could you help with a link?
  8. Aiza 
    Those mugs are so amazing. Gosh. And that gif is a job well done!

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