First Snow!

Minnesota weather is so fickle. Just last Sunday I was miserably hot and wearing capris and sandals.
Today, we got our first snow.
It’s amazing to see the fall colors being covered by a dusting of white.
Reuben obligingly snapped some photos of me with my red brelly.
I slipped in the wet snow.
Inside, I lit a candle and brewed some tea. As I typed this, I spotted a deer outside my window.
It’s a perfect day, in my estimation.

7 Responses to First Snow!

  1. Debbie 
    You have some beautiful pictures.
  2. Emily O. 
    What! I’m so jealous. :)
  3. Annie 
    Beautiful pictures, Erica! I love how the first one has both colorful leaves and snow. =) Hope you’re staying warm ‘n cozy!
  4. Kathryn Grace 
    Wow! We are shivering because this morning it was 42 degrees. :-) The only things falling around here are leaves! I love snow but I’m hoping for at least a month until it hits! Lovely photos though! :-)
  5. Michelle 
    Oh how lovely! I love snow :) I can’t wait until it snows in Ohio!
  6. Anna 
    Lovely pictures! ( Peter’s been admiring them too :) I wish we will have some snow this year in Denmark too, unfortunately it a sight not too often seen.
  7. Kiran @ 
    Beautiful photos, and you look so radiant! I’m so jealous of all the snow. Send some to FL, please? :D

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