My Kitchen Garden

This spring, my awesome father-in-law (plus Reuben and my uncle Rod, with a bit of help from my sister-in-law Lily and myself) built a walled kitchen garden!
Now, I certainly do NOT have a green thumb, but this little garden is something that I can actually be proud of.
I planted comfrey (it’s much bigger now), lemon grass, strawberries, chocolate mint, chives and thyme, all transplanted from my mother-in-law’s garden.
The strawberries are nice and healthy, though the squirrels got to most of them before I did.
My dill is very healthy – can’t wait to make pickles with it this fall.
Rosemary, also transplanted from my mother-in-law’s garden.
My lettuce is also getting big – I need to cut and eat it before the rabbits discover it!
In my “big” garden I have also planted corn, potatoes, beans, carrots and cucumbers. The corn is above my knees now.
My potatoes haven’t flowered yet, but grandpa’s have. I’m a bit jealous. :)
Even though I pretty much hate weeding, I’m excited about my garden this year. I can’t wait to harvest and put away what I’ve grown for the winter.
What about you? Are you keeping a garden this year? What are you growing?
Erica Lea

3 Responses to My Kitchen Garden

  1. Elizabeth 
    I love reading about your garden! You land looks so fresh and alive. I would love to continue to read more about it as it grows and how you use it. Thank you for sharing!
  2. Moriah Mari 
    I love that last photo!
  3. Abigail 
    I’m looking forward to putting a veggie garden in this year! :) My moms always been the gardener, and it’s exciting to plan my own!! :P I hate weeding too! :S It’s just annoying… But! I’ve discovered a secret. :) Though i havent thoroughly tested it with a veggie garden, it’s worked well will with my blueberry bushes and some of my moms plants.. :) Mulch. Compost too. Mostly mulch though. No weeds, just nice moist mulch. :)

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