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It’s officially springtime here in northern Minnesota. Everything is green and blooming and the days are growing longer and warmer.
Enjoy the short film I made:
** If video won’t load, view here: {link} **


6 Responses to Springtime

  1. Melanie 
    So beautiful, Erica.
  2. Diane | An Extraordinary Day 
    Thanks for the springtime stroll. What is there about Spring? She stirs my heart and fills me with joy.
  3. Rachel 
  4. Moriah Mari 
    Erica, I love the processing on these and the children photos are great!
  5. Sara 
    These are sooo absolutely gorgeous. I can’t even handle it.
  6. Lizzy 
    Wow! What gorgeous photos! Those blossoms are unreal. Mmm….SO pretty.

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