Friday Night Adventure

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This last Friday, we decided to try our hand at “rustic” camping.

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We constructed our shelter from scratch. First, we built the frame for our lean-to.

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We held the support sticks in place with young, lithe saplings.

 photo 0141.jpg

Next, we Reuben gathered spruce boughs and we layered them on our frame.

 photo 0151.jpg

The finished shelter. I placed pine boughs on the floor to keep it soft and dry.

 photo 020-2.jpg

As the day grew just a bit chillier, we started a fire with the wood we had sawed by hand and batoned (batonned?).

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When the fire burned down to coals, it was time to toast some cheese & pepperoni sandwiches.

 photo 023-3.jpg

They were delicious.

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Soon it was time to turn in. I won’t say it was the most comfortable night’s rest I ever had. Reuben had to wake up several times during the night to attend to the fire, so we didn’t get quality sleep. But it was amazing to sleep in a shelter we had built completely by hand.

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The morning dawned breathtakingly gorgeous.

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We grilled the remaining sandwiches for breakfast, packed up and headed home, very tired but satisfied with the knowledge we had survived the elements.
Then we took a shower, put on clean clothes (I wore flats and a knee-length skirt) and went to town (I went to the mall, Reuben to Gander Mountain). The end.

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