My Year in Photos: 2011 Part 2


Janna hosted an epic bridal shower for Beth.
We spent a few fun weekends at the cabin.
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Uncle Tom had to show up the youngsters by skiing on a canoe paddle.


Watched Reuben & the guys play golf. You can watch the video here: {link}


We managed to squeeze some veggies out of our garden, despite my broken wrist and voracious rabbits.
We spent a week camped at a jobsite – the boys worked from sunup til sundown, and we women cooked.
Experimenting with the “Macro” setting on the “little” (non-DSLR) Sony camera.


I got my new camera. LOVE it so much. But not as much as I love this handsome dude.
Little Ellie. She’s getting so big and learning to talk so well.
I baked some awesome, no-knead bread. I’ll be sharing the recipe sometime on my cooking blog.


I tagged along and watched Reuben hunt this year.
We got our first Christmas tree.
Went skating. See the video here: {link}


More skating. The guy in this photo recently served in Afghanistan, the girl is his wife. They had never had a chance to skate with each other before.
Hockey! See the video here: {link}
Melanie visited from Ireland.
Christmas at the B. Family’s!
I’ll never forget Elinor’s reaction to opening “Hair CLIPS!” See the video here: {link}
I hope you all have a wonderful year!
Erica Lea

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  1. DessertForTwo 
    These photos are all stunning!
    You’ve inspired me to do a photo a month challenge! Thanks :)
    Much love,

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