Last Friday, I had my mom cut my hair to a bit longer than shoulder length and slightly layered. I’ve been having fun playing with new styles. Now I get to show ya’ll some short hairstyles!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!
What’s your favorite way to wear your hair? What styles make you feel pretty?

3 Responses to Haircut

  1. The Morton Maiden 
    Very cute hair cut!
    I love wearing my hair down and curled using the technique you posted about here: (thank you, by the way, for that post! It has been so fun for me to curl my hair in a relatively fast way that actually stays in my thin hair!)
    A favorite hairstyle for me is also a simple bun with side swept hair in the front.
    My newest favorite hairstyle is one my sister showed me where you french braid your hair on the side, then put it in a side bun with a flower pinned in. I found it to be a fresh, new way to style my hair!
  2. DessertForTwo 
    It looks stunning :)
  3. Natalie 
    Hey Erica! I just wanted to finally take a minute to tell you that I’ve been reading your blog for a while and have loved it! =) And I love the new hair cut too! Blessings!

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