My Apologies

I was surprised to hear that Linky Tools is no longer offering a free service. Because of this I can no longer provide weekly linkups here. And because I can no longer see which photos everyone entered in my Project 365 roundups, I cannot hold a monthly contest.
My apologies and thanks to everyone who entered their photos.
With Love,
Erica Lea

4 Responses to My Apologies

  1. Noelley 
    It would be a shame to have to stop holding the contests. Perhaps you can form a Flickr group and have people enter that way.
  2. Kathryn Grace 
    Would it work for people to leave their link in the comments? I’m not doing a project 365, just suggesting for the sake of others. :-)
  3. Sereina 
    That’s sad! I like Kathryn Grace’s idea, though!
  4. Sereina 
    Also, you could use another link up, like this one: It looks like you can use the free version, which is for text only links.

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