Favorite Face Photo of 2010

This week’s challenge at I Heart Faces is “Best Face Photo of 2010″
I love little Elinor’s smile and strawberry-stained faces. Her little curls and wisps of hair make me smile.
Make sure to check out many more lovely faces over at I Heart Faces.
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7 Responses to Favorite Face Photo of 2010

  1. Sereina 
    Awww! So sweet!
  2. Ruth Ann 
    I absolutely love this picture. Her eyes are shining and she is so precious. :)
  3. Ang 
    What a happy, contented looking little girl! Beautiful!
  4. Ashley Sisk 
    This is simply precious! Love it.
  5. Kathryn Grace 
    So cute! Love the wispy hair and sparkly eyes!
  6. Kathryn Grace 
    I voted for you :-)
  7. Erica Lea 
    Thank you, Kathryn!

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