Self Portrait

This week’s theme for the I Heart Faces challenge is “Self Portrait.” If you look closely, you can see the remote I used to release the shutter.
Here are my tips for successfully capturing your own portrait.
  • Use a tripod. It is frustrating to try to capture yourself while holding the camera at arm’s length.
  • Use the timer in your camera and/or a remote shutter release.
  • Take lots of pictures.
  • Shoot in awesome light. I really like the lighting an hour or so before sunset.
Do you have any tips for capturing yourself on camera?
Make sure to stop by I Heart Faces to see many more self portraits.
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27 Responses to Self Portrait

  1. Sereina 
    Beautiful, Erica!
  2. maggie 
    Gorgeous pose and light!
  3. Michelle 
  4. Ciara L. 
    Thanks for the helpful hints…I try not to be in front of the camera very often…but I am working on that! I love your photo…great lighting, great capture, great outfit!
  5. Matt 
    Hard to go wrong when the subject matter is so beautiful! ;) You are doll, Erica…and talented! Nice self portrait. Ah so…you bring honor to the family.
  6. Ashley Sisk 
    Absolutely beautiful self portrait. Thanks for the tips. I agree…shoot many!
  7. felicity 
    gorgeous lighting! that’s awesome of you to put up tips too! Do you have it auto pick a focal point or do you choose one and try to be in the right spot?
  8. Kathy 
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! I love this shot! The lighting is beautiful! Love the reflective mood of the shot!
  9. Erica Lea 
    felicity: Yes, I just choose a focal point and try to be in the correct spot. It doesn’t always work, thus the need to take many photos! :)
  10. Helen 
    Awesome shot! I LOVE the sun flare!
  11. JaimeFlemingPhotography 
    rockin flare!
  12. Shelby 
    Beautiful use of setting and lighting!
  13. Jessaca 
    Great photo!!! Love the flares!!!!!
    Have a great day and wonderful week.
  14. Tara Janelle 
    This photo is lovely! The colors are great!
    (I found your blog from my sister, Kathryn at Kathryn Grace Photography)
  15. Jen 
    Beautiful – just beautiful!
  16. amanda thiessen 
  17. Jaymi McClusky 
    this is just beautiful, i was really drawn to the light in this photo, even from the thumbnail. great job!
  18. Jackie Jean 
    Beautiful self portrait!
  19. Naomi 
    Beautiful–love the light!
  20. Kelley Kossan 
    Beautiful! I love it. Good luck over at I <3 faces="" p="">
  21. Kathryn Grace 
    Such a beautiful shot, Erica! I’m normally not really into the lens flare thing but it really fits this photo! Love the light coming through your hair and the shed in the background. Great job!
  22. Brooke Chambers 
    Gorgeous shot! The light is so beautiful!
  23. crystal 
    i love all the flare. Woot!
  24. Kathryn Grace 
    Congrats on getting 4th place! Yay!
  25. Life with Kaishon 
    You are very beautiful Erica. Congratulations on your win. You did such a great job. Beautiful and creative!
  26. Kathy 
    Congratulations! Beautiful!
  27. Catie 
    I was on the Tasty Kitchen blog and saw your pretty pic! :) You are beautiful! I love your blogs!! :)

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