My Year in Photos 2010, Part 1


My little niece, Elinor, came for a visit.
Grandma taught us how to make Banana Cream Pie.


Grandma also taught us how to make Chocolate Crepes…
We went alpine skiing several times. I am determined to get some actual skiing photos this year. Here, Katelyn waxes a ski.
A favorite winter pastime: Polish Ping Pong. Dad’s the best.


Grandma taught us how to make bread & cinnamon rolls.
We hosted a Middle Eastern dinner for friends.
We tapped maple trees at a neighbor’s house to collect sap for maple syrup.
Dad took the little Honda motorcycle out and gave Elinor a ride.
Fire on the lawn.


Easter at Uncle Ken & Aunt Becky’s house.
We attended a local TEA party rally and got on our local evening news.


Snow – in May!
Our favorite summer sport: Volleyball. We built the court ourselves and are very proud of it. That’s me in the bright salmon shirt & khaki pants.


Fishing on Wolf Lake.
I’ll be posting photos from July – December later this week.
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3 Responses to My Year in Photos 2010, Part 1

  1. amanda {the habit of being} 
    i really LOVE the one of the skis being waxed – great light, great tone!
  2. Marjolaine 
    I like these photos…I’m planning on doing a year in photos post on my blog also…as soon as I get the chance! I am also into photography, although haven’t had the chance so far to learn much or obtain a fantastic camera…
    The Middle Eastern photo caught my attention- it’s a beautiful shot, and our family LOVES Middle Eastern cuisine! I’ll keep looking at your blog in the future!
  3. Selman 
    love these pictures. when i look at this awmsoee family i can’t help to smile with them. You guys did a great job capturing that bubbly personality there whole family has. love love love these.

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