Melted Frost

My entry for Lovely Photo Wednesday
Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

7 Responses to Melted Frost

  1. Rachel 
    I love how you captured the water droplets on the leaves! Beautiful!
  2. rita 
    simply, amazing!
  3. Prerna@IndianSimmer 
    Wow Erica! You are so talented.
  4. Sereina 
    This is beautiful. I love all the water droplets.
  5. Kathryn Grace 
    Beautiful! You are a very gifted photographer! I found your blog through your cooking blog (which I found through our cooking club! :). It’s great to find another homeschooled, Christian young woman interested in photography!
  6. carlotta 
    This is SO gorgeous. The focus is absolutely perfect…wonderful job!
  7. Charlene 
    What pretty composition. This is a great water drop image.

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