This week’s I Heart Faces challenge is Scenic BW. In this photo, my sister jumps barefooted on the craggy shores of Lake Superior. Make sure to stop by I Heart Faces for more gorgeous black & white photos.
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12 Responses to Jump!

  1. Tamar SB 
    What a great capture! And how brave she is to jump bare footed on those rocks!
  2. ChiIL Mama 
    Fun action shot! I like the contrast between the two figures in motion and at rest.
    Check mine out and comment, too.
    ChiIL Mama, Chicago
  3. Emma 
    Great action shot! I hope her feet are ok ;)
  4. Betina 
    This is simple and real. Breathtaking.
  5. Leah @ Beyer Beware 
    Love. It. What an awesome picture to have!
  6. Ashley Sisk 
    Awesome shot!
  7. Georgie Girl 
    Great pic! Something different!!
  8. Kathryn Grace 
    Ooh, love this! You captured this with amazing clarity! Great job!
  9. Kay 
    This is such a good shot!
  10. Carrie 
    Awesome shot!
  11. Jackie Jean 
    I love jumping shots :-)
  12. Charlene 
    What a great action shot! This is clearly a wonderful image.

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