Snow – In May!

It is characteristic of Minnesota weather to be unpredictable.
Yesterday, we had a sudden snow storm.
It has been cold a gloomy lately, but I didn’t expect this!
Drops of moisture on a spiderweb.
Elinor & Katelyn threw snowballs.
Then, today, it was like this: sunny & and a tad bit warmer. Most of the snow was gone by noon. That’s Minnesota for you.
Copyright © 2010 by Erica Lea

4 Responses to Snow – In May!

  1. emily s 
    Definitely Minnesota : ))) I love the pictures – especially the one with the drops on the spider web!
  2. Divina 
    The pictures are beautiful.
  3. Hannah 
    ah! Erica what beautiful photos!! I simply adore your blog. :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, btw – I just had to write and say, yesyesyes! You should totally do a day in photos too – it’s incredible and I’d love to see yours. :)
  4. Olivia 
    Wow! You must not like too far from me (up in the Iron Range)… we got snow then too. I want to guess you are from Bemidji, I have no clue why.

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