Signs & Relics

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this little pansy growing in our new flower bed. I thought it would be weeks before we saw the first signs of Spring flowers.
There are still many brown & dead things in our lawn – relics of Fall and Winter. Soon we’ll be mowing the grass & planting our garden.
I have decided to give myself a little challenge. Starting today, I plan to take at least one photo each day in April. Instead of posting every single day, I’ll post a roundup of my photos every week. Wish me luck!
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5 Responses to Signs & Relics

  1. Kelley 
    oh my. that is a *gorgeous* image of the pansy. Yay for spring! =)
  2. Sereina 
    Fantastic shot of the pansy!
  3. Katherine 
    Your work is beautiful. I love the soft, delicate colours of the above photos. Gorgeous!
    K xx
  4. Sue Anne Kirkham 
    Erica – I love your sense of style. Your photography, it goes without saying, is brilliant, and that leads me to ask, did you design and construct your website(s) entirely yourself, from the “ground floor” up?
  5. Erica Lea 
    Sue Anne Kirkham: Thank you! I’m flattered. ;) I did not design my blog “from scratch”. I recently found a wonderful template called Lilac Stitch (scroll to the bottom of the page). I found it to very easy to customize and would recommend it.

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