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I am overwhelmed by the response to my giveaway. Thank you so much to all who entered.
Because of the great number of questions you all asked me, I will not be able to answer all of them in a post. So I decided to choose the first twenty unique questions to answer. I will answer all of your questions in the comment section of my giveaway post.
So here goes!
1.) Do you plan on going to college, or do you already attend? And what is your major?
I have no plans for college at this time. I don’t have the money, and I think it would be a waste for me. If I did attend, I would probably go in for photography, cinematography, or something Biblical.
2.) What kind of camera do you have? How long have you been doing photography?
Our family owns the Nikon D80. I absolutely love it. I’ve been taking photos seriously for about three years, but I’ve always been fascinated by cameras. My Grandma gave each of us a disposable camera when I was about nine, and I just loved playing with it.
3.) What made you start a blog???
My sister, Janna, suggested it to me. I had been providing photos for her blog for about a year when she encouraged me to start my own.
4.) Do you know a good source for purchasing soft white wheat berries in big bags?
We usually get ours from friends who run a mill or from a co-op. You can also purchase a 25 lb. bag on amazon.
5.) What is your favorite thing to bake?
Grandma’s Poppy Seed Torte or chocolate chip cookies.
6.) How do you find the time for it all {blogging, baking}?
I love to take photos, cook, and blog, so I make time for it.
7.) What is your favorite thing to photograph?
People, especially when they don’t know I’m there. I love to tell a story with my photos.
8.) At what age did you start cooking?
I can’t remember! Probably when I was about six or seven. Mom let me make deviled eggs & easy things like that to start with. It really let me create and use my imagination.
9.) Do any family memebrs ever have ‘guest posts’ on your blog?
No. I have asked my sisters to do a guest post, but I don’t think they’re interested. They all have blogs of their own: The Joy of HomeSo This is Lynn, and Homegrown Learning.
10.) When did your love of cooking begin? and who inspired you?
I think it started when I first kneaded bread. Everyone thought it was just grand that I “made” bread at such a young age. My mom inspired me. Watching her cook made me want to try for myself!
11.) What is your favorite kitchen gadget?
I’m not sure if you’d call it a gadget, but I love our new Henkels Santoku knife. It fits perfectly in my hand and is ever so sharp.
12.) What is your favorite type of knitting needle to use or do you have a preference?
I like to use metallic needles. Plastic needles don’t treat me well.
13.) What’s your favorite season?
I love the way the seasons are so different in Northern Minnesota. If I have to choose my favorite, I’ll say Autumn. So nostalgic.
14.) What’s your favourite cookbook?
It’s between The New Best Recipe and The King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion. I think I could live off of those two books.
 photo Tuck.jpg

15.) Do you have a dog? What kind?

Yes! We have a very sweet black lab named Tuck.
16.) What is your favorite food-thing to make?
Pizza. It has such scope for the imagination.
17.) Do you crochet? I don’t know how to knit but would love a pattern similar to this for crochet. I crochet dishcloths and love them. I think I would like to try with the crochet thread.
Yes, I do, and I have actually crocheted a dishcloth or two with crochet thread. I just used a crocheted dishcloth pattern and substituted crochet thread & decreased the hook size. I may have to create a crochet version of my patter one day…
18.) What is your all-time favorite photograph that you’ve taken?
Oh, tough one! I really like this photo of my sister, Katelyn.
19.) Do you only use whole wheat flour? I try to but have a hard time with ratios to regular flour?
No. There are some recipes where I use all whole wheat flour, but when I try new recipes I usually start with half white and half whole wheat.
20.) Hi, How do you feel about snakes and spiders?
Snakes a cool, spiders are gross.
Thank you again for asking all the questions! If your question wasn’t answered here just head over to the giveaway post, or ask it in the comment section below.
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  1. Sarah 
    Hi Erica!
    I’ve enjoyed your blog. I am also a Christian woman in MN and enjoy cooking. Would you share your recipe for poppy seed torte? It looks marvelous.
    Thank you!
    Sarah W. in MN

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