Fix-It Friday ~ #48

This week’s Fix-It Friday photo was provided by Natalie P from And Then There Were Three.
Here is the original photo. I like the composition and the little girl is adorable; however, the exposure is a bit dull.
For my first edit, I simply boosted the contrast, corrected the color in curves, added some warmth, brightened the eyes, and sharpened the photo. I didn’t like the sharpness on the hat, so I created a layer mask and erased the sharpness in that area.
For my second edit, I gave the photo a more “retro” feel. I added some layers of colors (first orange, then purple, then brown), sharpened the photo a bit more, and finished with a light vignette.
To see many more fun edits of this photo, stop by  Faces.
© 2010 by Erica Lea

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  1. Stephanie 
    Thank you very much for visiting my Blog!!
    So I found yours and it’s really beautiful!!
    Love your edits of the photo. Especially how you played with the colours on the last one!!
    Have a great weekend!!

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