On Saturday, Amanda and I had Mom cut our hair. When Amanda saw the pile of our combined hair she cried “We’re bald!”
Photo Credit: Amanda Berge

The new style is not much different, just shorter. We both like our new cut very much!
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8 Responses to Haircut

  1. rachel 
    You two are beautiful!!
  2. Samantha 
    VERY nice!!!!!! What did you do with all the hair? Donated to locks of love? :D
  3. Ruth Ann 
    those are pretty layers! did y’all use a book to learn how to, or did you just learn on your own?? :)
  4. Ruth Ann 
    oh and Erica, is there any way where you can give the option to ’subscribe to comments’ so I wouldn’t have to come back here for responses? thanks!
  5. Jennifer 
  6. Erica Lea 
    Ruth Ann: At the very bottom of the page there is an option to subscribe to comments. If you have any trouble, just let me know and I’ll try to fix it.
  7. Melanie 
    I agree with Rachel…you girls are absolutely gorgeous (both inside and out)!
  8. Erica Lea 
    Ruth Ann: I think my mom learned from a book. She just uses something to measure our hair with and cuts it all the same length. For a quick layering, I like to have my sisters hang their head over a counter or table and I just cut it off straight. When the stand up, their hair is layered!

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