Sweet Dreams

This week’s photo challenge from  Faces is “Sweet Dreams”.
I couldn’t remember any nice sleeping photos (I generally take them as a joke), but I knew that Judah would be the perfect subject. He seems to sleep through most of the day.
To see many more sleeping photos, stop by  Faces.
© 2009 by Erica Lea

5 Responses to Sweet Dreams

  1. Kelly Young 
    Judah looks like an Angel! Very creative! I love, love, love it!
  2. Leyla 
    How sweet! I miss those days!
  3. Melanie 
    Wow, Erica! Amazing picture!
  4. Samantha 
    ^Ditto to all!!!!
  5. Rachel 
    Is that a full head of hair I see? He is so cute!!!

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