Autumn Beauty

As I have mentioned before, I ♥ Faces is a photo blog dedicated to the beauty of faces. Every week they hold a photo contest, and I decided to join in this week.
This week’s challenge is “Autumn Beauty”. My entry is of my beautiful sister, Katelyn. This photo was taken on a lovely Autumn evening just as the sun was setting.
To see more Autumn Beauty photos, stop by I ♥ Faces.
© 2009 by Erica Lea

6 Responses to Autumn Beauty

  1. Krysta 
    Welcome to the contest! They’re pretty addicting :)
    Your entry this week is great. I love the serene look on her face.
  2. Erin 
    She is beautiful. Gorgeous shot!
  3. Shana Putnam 
    I love this. It is very subdued. Gorgeous.
  4. Ruth Ann 
    gorgeous shot! I love it Erica!
  5. Hayley 
  6. Paula 
    WOW! I love the bokeh you captured on this! And the light on her face – so soft and beautiful. Wonderful shot! One of these days I will get there! :D Thanks for commenting on my photo. :)

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