Fix-It-Friday #31 ~ October 9th

Have you ever heard of I Heart Faces? It is a blog devoted to the beauty of capturing faces and helping readers to improve their photography. Every week they have a photo contest and every Friday they host a fun event call Fix-It-Friday. Every week a new photo is uploaded for anyone who wishes to edit and share. This week, I decided to play along!
For my editing, I used Corel Paint Shop Pro XI.
Click the photo to view the full-sized image.
For edit #1 (center): First, I used the blemish fixer to erase some dirty spots around this young man’s nose, mouth, and cheeks. Then I boosted the contrast and changed the color balance to a warmer tone. Next, I brightened the whites and highlights of the eyes and desaturated the whites and his teeth. Finally, I sharpened the image using unsharp mask and vignetted the edges.
For edit #2 (far right): Using the image from edit #1, I undid the sharpening and vignetting actions and turned the photo black & white. I then duplicated the layer, filled it with a deep brown, set the blend mode to color, and turned down the opacity of the new layer.
I really enjoyed this challenge and can’t wait to “play” again!
© 2009 by Erica Lea

4 Responses to Fix-It-Friday #31 ~ October 9th

  1. B 
    Great edits! Love the second…. not overdone at all. You did a really nice job!
  2. Regina Normandy 
    Nice! when you put the pictures on your blog, is that three sep. pictures, of did you put them all in one? If you did put them all as one jpeg, how did you do that? they’re all great! Love the last one.
  3. Erica Lea 
    Regina: They are all one picture.
    To do this, using Paint Shop Pro, I created a new, blank project slightly larger than my final photo (e.g. my photos were about 400×600 pixels, so the new project was about 1235 x 615 pixels). Next, I copied the images onto this project as new layers and moved them around until I liked how they were positioned. I then filled the original layer with black, merged all, and saved.
    I have only recently started merging pictures like this, so I have a lot to learn!
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