Camping At Itasca

This past weekend, we went camping with family and friends at beautiful Itasca state park
It was a little chilly in the evenings, so we made sure to dress little Elinor for cold weather.
The young ladies took a hike down to the lake on Friday evening.
The major activity for Saturday was biking around the lake.
We stopped at the Mississippi River Headwaters to discuss our bike trip. One does not simply take off on an 18-mile bike trip without consideration.
In the end, only the young adults made it around the lake. It was a tough ride, but we were rewarded with ice cream atDouglas Lodge.
After the long bike trip and a game of Bocce we were ready for some more nourishment.
Cornbread cooked over the fire..
The mad dash for the food.
I can’t resist posting another photo of this little girl.
© 2009 by Erica Lea

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