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I love working with brands that fit my blog!

If you are a family, lifestyle, DIY/Craft, home decor, fitness, health and beauty, or photography-oriented brand, I'd love to discuss how we can work together.

Contact me  at to discuss details, pricing, and stats.


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  • Advertising
  • Reviews/Giveaways
  • Video Production

NOTE: I will only accept offers for advertising and reviews that meet with my personal standards. To save yourself the trouble of rejection, here are things that will gain you an automatic refusal:

For advertising: I will not accept offers from companies/websites that promote pornographic, crude, profane, or otherwise offensive products or websites. The actual ad must also be “clean” or G rated. If you wish to advertize on my blog, email me for details.

For Reviews: I will not promote anything that does not meet the requirements stated above. Email me for details.

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