My Postpartum Recovery | Baby #3

Looking back, I definitely feel like I was traumatized by my first two postpartum recoveries. They were truly harrowing. Panic attacks, mastitis, screaming babies, and sleepless nights made me loath to go through it again.

But this time around was worlds better.

Don't get me wrong. Life with a newborn isn't easy. But not having to deal with a host of health issues makes it less horrific.

Avoiding mastitis was one of the biggest differences this time. I personally feel like there were a few factors that went into me not getting mastitis:

  • We had Anya's tongue tie clipped the day she was born.
  • I did absolutely nothing for myself. If I wanted a drink of water, I asked Reuben or Helen to fetch it for me. No cooking, no cleaning, nothing.
  • I made sure to drink as much water as I could.
  • We pumped as soon as I started to get engorged.
  • I started taking lecithin pretty much right away after giving birth.
  • I discontinued use of the Belly Bandit since I felt like it was cutting off circulation.
  • I started taking Vitamin C and a B Vitamin complex right away.

I'm not sure which if any of these played a role, but I'm definitely going to keep up the protocol if we have another baby!

One thing that was quite unpleasant this time around was the afterpains. Every time I would nurse (and sometimes randomly between feedings) I got extremely painful cramps/contractions. Thankfully they subsided by about day 5-6 postpartum.

I did suffer from one full-on panic attack on day 2 or 3 postpartum. I'm pretty sure it was set off because I tried to go to bed and the thought of trying to fall asleep stressed me out. It was so strange because I had been feeling so happy that day, but it suddenly drained away and I couldn't do anything about it. Reuben gave me melatonin, passion flower extract, and prayed with me. Thankfully it passed pretty quickly and I was able to fall asleep (Reuben took Anya out of the room so I could sleep without her). After that I felt panicky 1-2 more times, but I didn't have another full-blown attack.

Similarly to last time, my postpartum bleeding slowed to almost a stop, then picked back up again. That stressed me out, but my midwife confirmed that postpartum bleeding isn't always a linear things. Also, when my midwife tested my iron levels at 2 weeks postpartum, they were great! Reuben had been administering Floradix to me - not sure if that's what did it!

Reuben officially went back to work at about 5 weeks postpartum. I was kinda scared the first day he was gone, but we made it! Getting used to caring for 3 kids has been an adjustment, but not as bad as I thought it would be. 😅

Because I'm doing so much better physically and mentally, I've been able to enjoy my baby more this time. Since I haven't been a complete invalid, I've been able to actually care for my infant rather than completely relying on Reuben. Don't get me wrong: for the first 2 weeks, I did absolutely nothing. But after that it was kind of fun to dress and wash Anya! And I've been loving just holding and cuddling with her. At the end of the day I'm kind of Done Being Touched, but for the most part it's pretty okay.

Postpartum Weight Loss

I gained a total of about 31 pounds this pregnancy. I was around 107 pounds pre-pregnancy, which is the lightest I've been at the start of a pregnancy. But I ended up about the same weight as my previous two pregnancies. 🤷‍♀️

3 days postpartum I weighed 127.4 pounds, and at 1 week I weighed 122.5 pounds. And at 5 weeks postpartum I weighed about 118.5 pounds. I seem to be leveling out around that weight. I'm definitely not losing the weight as quickly this time, and I think that's a good thing. The weight came off really quickly the last two times, but I think that was partly because I got mastitis. I always said I'd rather be "fat and happy" and I can confirm: it's WAY better than being sick and skinny!

My diastasis recti opened back up to around a 3 finger width, so I'll be working on closing that once I gain more strength.

So there's my postpartum recovery story with baby #3! Any moms out there: were your postpartum recoveries different with each kid, or pretty much the same?


  1. I'm going to remember your tips on avoiding mastitis! I had it 3 times with my first and the only reason I avoided it with our 2nd was because I was tandem nursing. I won't be tandem nursing with our 3rd and I'm anxious about mastitis. I would never have linked belly binding to it so will have to keep that in mind!

    1. Wow - that must have been rough to have it 3 times! I had it twice with James, and that was awful.

      I'm sure some postpartum "corsets" wouldn't cut off circulation, but mine rode up and it scared me. Haha!


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