My Birth Story | Baby #3

NOTE: As I mentioned in my previous two birth stories, this post will discuss bodily functions (if you know what I mean). If you are at all squeamish or don't like to read that sort of thing, please click out of this post now!

This labor was much different than my previous two. It definitely threw me for a loop!

It started the night of February 12th. I began to have mild contractions at around 7:40, but I was able to go to bed and sleep through some of them.

By 1:25 AM I wasn't able to sleep through the contractions any more. I got out of bed and started to rock through them to manage the pain. I also started timing them, and they were consistently about 1 minute long and 5 1/2 minutes apart for about 4 hours.

At around 3:45 I let Reuben know that I thought this was it: the baby was coming today. But I also told him he should sleep some more.

For some reason I felt bad about the baby coming that day: it was Helen's birthday! Would she feel like we were neglecting her birthday since the baby came that day? Silly thought at such a time, I know. But I couldn't help thinking it.

At 4:11 AM I texted my midwives with a heads up just so they knew what was going on. A little before 5:00, Reuben woke up and told me I should call the midwives. At this point I was pacing up and down the house and feeling agitated.

"You never call the midwives soon enough, do you?" Reuben said. I slowly nodded in agreement.

At 5:01 I did the deed and called the midwives.

Instantly I felt nervous: what if this actually wasn't it? What if I had called too soon and the midwives would have to stick around way too long, only to have to drive home after a false labor? It didn't help that my contractions started to space out, though they were starting to feel stronger. I also felt a bit agitated because we didn't have the birthing pool at our house. We figured if our midwife brought it 2 weeks early, that would give us plenty of time. Ha! She had planned to drop it off that evening.

Our midwife arrived at around 6:25 AM with the birth pool, and she and Reuben immediately started setting it up.  Our second midwife arrived shortly thereafter. We all thought that we might not have time to even use the pool before the baby came.

But then the contractions really started to space out. At one point I was actually able to lie down on the bed and take a cat nap! That was so strange to me because it was nothing like my previous 2 labors: the contractions came consistently from the moment they began and barely slowed down.

At around 7:30, James woke up. I gave him a hug and Reuben carried him upstairs to my sister's house. Helen didn't wake up until after 8:00 if I remember correctly. I gave her a hug, and Reuben brought her upstairs as well.

I decided to try getting in the pool to help with pain management, but that really slowed the contractions down. I wanted to get that kid out of me, so even though the water felt wonderful, I got back out.

Since being in bed seemed to stimulate the contractions, I started going back and forth from my desk (just outside our bedroom) to the bed. I didn't want to have the contraction in bed because my water hadn't broken at that point and I didn't want to make a mess. :P

It was starting to freak me out that there was so much time between contractions. But my midwives could tell that I was progressing, even though it was about 10-20 minutes between each contraction.

Finally, at around 12:00 or so, I had a pretty strong contraction and my water broke. Then the pushing contractions really started. After a few pushes, I could feel the baby dropping. There was so much pressure on my pubic bone! It was really uncomfortable. I couldn't stand between contractions because of the pressure.

All of a sudden, I felt something couldn't be, could it? Sure enough, this baby had to have one more annoying bout of hiccups before it was born. Figures.

My midwives suggested that Reuben support me as I pushed and squatted so I could get into a better position and take the pressure off of my pubic bone. That seemed to help! After a few more pushes, our baby was born! Wow. All I can say is, pushing this baby out was very painful. In fact, as I was pushing the baby out, I cried out, "Oh, the pain!" I didn't tear or anything, but it still hurt so much!

My midwife handed me my baby, and I clutched it to my chest as we moved to the bed.

It wasn't until then that we thought to look and see if it was a boy or a girl. "Hey there, girlie!" I said when I found out.

I was shaking pretty badly from the hormones at this point. After initiating nursing, I birthed the placenta. That part was actually less painful than I remembered!

After a while, Reuben went upstairs and brought the kids back down to see their new sister. They were so excited to meet her. James said that "our baby" was so cute.

Then it was time to weigh and measure our little girlie. To my surprise, she only weighed 6 pounds 12 oz! She's our smallest little peanut yet.

And just like that, we got to meet our new little girl, Anya, almost 2 weeks before her due date. We love her so much, even though she's quite a handful already. But that's a story for another post...

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  1. Thank you for sharing her birth story! The part about the hiccups made me laugh - our first had frequent hiccups and they drove me crazy; I can't imagine feeling them in labor!

    1. It was crazy to feel that! And she was more active during labor than I remember my other two being.

  2. It sounds like she took her sweet time! I'm so glad she's here and that you are both healthy and happy and that she was a manageable size---no one wants to give natural birth to a ten pounder! So, what is her coloring like? Is she blonde like Jim and Reuben? Blue eyes? Or brown hair and dark eyes like you and Helen? Does she favor anyone in the family yet? I'll bet you wish you could wake up in the morning and be moved into your new house with everything already put away. It's amazing how one more tiny person comes with so much extra stuff!



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