Our Year in Review | 2018


 We took a trip to Florida! It was our first time flying together (and my first time on an airplane in general), and our first big trip since our honeymoon.

This was definitely the highlight of my year, and one of the best things I've done in my life. You can read more about it on my cooking blog HERE.


 James turned 2 on February 6th...


 We managed to take a skiing trip out at Giants Ridge. It was the first time I'd been in quite a while.

Helen made some good progress in learning how to turn.

 James couldn't get enough of it!

 We had to celebrate Easter at home since Jim wasn't feeling well.

I insisted that we still get dressed up and take a family photo. 😅

You can read more about our Easter on my cooking blog HERE.


 This is the day that I can point to where I started to feel bad. I think I just overdid it, taking a sauna, making crepes and photographing them, and inviting people over. My body rebelled. This is about the time my chronic fatigue kicked in.

 We started to really think about where we wanted to build our house.
We finished renovating our trailer for rental. Poor Reuben had to deal with so many texts/phone calls from people who were interested.


 "We" (I was too weak to help) transplanted some little pine trees at the land in the hopes they would give us a little more privacy.

 Helen attended field day for the first time, and she loved it!


 I was still feeling so exhausted all the time, so we weren't able to do something big for our anniversary. We took the kids out to eat at a local restaurant, and then sent to a restaurant by ourselves another day.

My fatigue got so bad that I decided that I needed to Do Something about it. So I got blood work done for the first time in my life. It was a lot less traumatic than I thought. 💉😅

 On June 22, I took a pregnancy test...and it came out positive! Reuben and I had a good laugh when we calculated the due date (another February baby!), and then had a serious discussion about how we needed to start working on our new house in earnest. 😳😂


 We celebrated the 4th of July...

 ...and took a day trip to the family cabin.
We also attended the Berge family reunion. During the reunion I sneaked away and visited my naturopathic doctor to review the results of my blood work. I learned about some the issues that I was dealing with, and started on an action plan to improve them!

 "We" started doing the dirt work for our house. The kids loved playing over there.

We also told close family that we were expecting in July.


 We attended the Lake Itasca Family Music Festival (Reuben worked in the kitchen loads)...

...and the county fair. James was terrified of the carousel. Helen loved it. 😂
 Helen started kindergarten in August - I knew we were going to need to get a head start with the baby coming in February.

My baby bump was starting to show!

I took Josh & Breanna's engagement photos. 😊


 More dirt work at the land! It takes so long when you're doing it yourself...

My bump popped out a little more!

We stayed in Reuben's cousin's Airbnb...

 ...since I was taking photos for his (other) cousin's wedding and the house was close to the venue. 😊 I'll have to do a dedicated post with a few photos from their wedding...don't they make a cute couple?!

 The kids were dressed up pretty cute for going to town, so I had to snap a photo.

 And I had Helen take a photo of me as well.

My sisters and I hosted a Korean-themed bridal shower for Reuben's sister.


 Still growing!

 My siblings and I took a trip to the cities to attend an Owl City concert. You can read more about that on my cooking blog HERE.

 One hot day in September, Reuben asked me to help lay out the PEX piping for our floor heat. I was the stapler. That was tiring work (for a pregnant lady)!

Concrete pour day at the land! It was such a relief to Reuben to get it done before winter.


 Hangin' in there. 😉

I took the formal photos for Reuben's sister's wedding. I'll have to do a dedicated post for their wedding as well...

 Helen was a flower girl in their wedding. She was so serious, but she loved it!

 Thanksgiving at my family's house!

 The kiddie table. 😊

We got our Christmas tree (read more about that HERE).
Next year I think we'll get our tree later...it was looking kind of sad by the end of December. Haha!


 I did an advent calendar for the kids again this year. They loved having something Christmasy to do each day.

 The walls went up at the land!

 My sister, Katelyn, snapped this picture of us standing outside the house.

 Progress! We're just aching to move in...

We spent Christmas with family. I managed to snap this photo where the kids were looking halfway normal. 😜

So that's our 2018 in review! It was definitely a year of stretching for me. I'm hoping 2019 will be as fulfilling without being as exhausting. Ha!


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