Our Christmas Tree 2018

I knew I wanted to get a tree this year, because I don't know how I'll feel about having one with a crawling baby next year. It worked out well when James was at the crawling stage, but he was a naturally compliant baby. We'll have to see how this little one's temperament is...

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we went into town to pick out our tree. I LOVE going to a Christmas tree farm, but it isn't Reuben's favorite thing to do. And it is a hassle when you're pregnant and have kids along.

So this year it was Home Depot for us!

I knew I wanted to get a balsam fir just like last year. It has such a sweet smell, and the needle retention is pretty good.

At first we thought to let the kids pick the tree. But in the end Reuben grabbed the biggest one he could find. They were all the same price, so why not go big? 

We got it home and took it out of the netting...and discovered that it was bigger than we had thought! This is probably the largest Christmas tree we've ever had.

I was going to save all decorating for another night, but we caved and put on a few lights and the star.

It was magical for the kiddos.

 I repurposed the ornaments that I've been using for the past few years.

I love these wooden snowflakes.

This paper dove ornament came free in the mail last year. 😅

Our star was a thrift store find. I wish it was gold to match the rest of the ornaments better, but the kids love the colored lights that it projects onto the ceiling.

 And of course I had to leave you with some Christmas tree bokeh.

What's your tree like this year? Real or faux? Kitschy or sophisticated?


  1. Your tree looks gorgeous! We have a tree and an indoor cat! So over the years we have downsized to a small artificial tree with lots of wooden ornaments, and jingle bells. It's pretty and to be fair the car has left the tree alone - not so with my wooden hanging decorations!! It's all very festive. I love Christmas at home just me, husband and the cat!
    Merry holidays to you and yours Erica x

    1. Thank you, Anna! Yeah, you gotta do what's necessary to keep the stress down this time of year. Haha! Small children or animals + Christmas trees don't always mix! :D

      Merry Christmas to you, too! ❤

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