20 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #3

18 Weeks
I turned 20 weeks last week, which means I'm over halfway there! Woohoo!

So here's my 20 week pregnancy update:

Weight this week: 120 pounds - we're out of the teens now!

Measurement around waist: 29 1/4"

Measurement around belly: 31 1/4"

How big is baby? Baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces, and is 10 inches from head to heel. About the size of a large banana!

Maternity Clothes: I'm mostly making due with the clothes that I had last time I was pregnant, but I've been adding a few shirts here and there. I'm on the hunt for the perfect maternity dress...

Movement: Yes, lots! It's no longer little flutters: I can feel the baby rolling around in there and jabbing at me. I've also started to notice a pattern of movement: usually when I sit down or go to bed. Of course.

Cravings: Nothing in particular these days. Just good, hearty food.

Aversions: No aversions really, but super processed food leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Aches/Pains: My back pain has been so much better than when I was pregnant with James. I think this is due to the fact that we have a new bed, and also because I learned how to sit with better posture.

But it's still there. Some mornings I wake up because my back hurts so bad. And sometimes I wake up with sciatica-like pains in my hip. Fun.

Sleep: I can usually get a full 8 hours these days, but every once in a while I suffer from insomnia. It's so annoying because I can't pinpoint what triggers it other than being pregnant.

Fitness: I've been able to be more consistent with my workouts lately. I cycle between Prenatal Pilates, Prenatal Barre, and random YouTube videos. On really nice days I like to take a walk in the woods instead of doing a set workout for my exercise.

Midwife Visit: My midwife came for a checkup when I was 19 weeks.

I was measuring 17, but my midwife said that was because the baby was laying on his/her side.

I asked that my midwife use the fetoscope to check the heartbeat since the Doppler can emit quite a bit of radiation. She was able to find the heartbeat with it, and I was able to hear it briefly.

My urine test revealed that I was spilling a lot of ketones. My second midwife said she had never seen the levels that high. My midwife said that I was probably either eating low-carb, or not eating enough that day. I've also read that you're more likely to go into ketosis while you're pregnant. So interesting!

And that's my 20 week pregnancy update! 

Here's my belly progression so far:

And here's a comparison from last time around.

I feel like I'm growing much more quickly this time around. This is probably because last time I experienced something very traumatic around 16 weeks (I'm not being intentionally vague - that experience is something very personal that I'm not ready to share and probably will never be. Plus it's not just my story to tell.), and I lost my appetite. I also got sick on top of all the stress. I remember my midwife had to tell me that I needed to gain more weight. 


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