Early Fall

Even though fall doesn't *technically* begin until September 22nd, it comes earlier here in northern MN. I'm always torn as to weather I should cling to the last days of summer, or go ahead and admit that, weather-wise, it's totally autumn.

In any case, these photos were taken a day or two before September 22. The leaves were just starting to turn, but some of the summer flowers were still holding on. Early fall in Minnesota.

I was playing around with my macro lens. It's dreamy for capturing raindrops.

Fallen leaves among green grass.

The trees were still mostly green!

We took a walk in the woods. Yes, James is wearing a pink hat. We couldn't find his hat, and I wasn't about to let him catch cold. So he wore Helen's old Smartwool hat.

Maple trees are my favorite.

Trying to prove that it's still summer.

Not sure what this plant is, but it's pretty!

Green leaf among the browns and yellows.

 I love the contrast of the dark tree trunk and the vibrant leaves.

I thought this was an interesting comparison: same leaves, but the first photo was taken with clouds, the second with sun.

I like leaves that are half-turned.

This leaf looked like it had something to hide...

James insisted that I take a photo his leaf as well.

We walked out to the land to see how fall was treating it.

The sumac was turning red.

This tree will be in our backyard. 😊

There were deer tracks in the soft dirt.

When does fall start where you live (according to the weather, not the calendar)?

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