Fall Fun

 Yes, I know that I'm waaaay behind on posting fall photos this year. This blog is basically a collection of memories so that I can go back and look at what we were doing years ago. And I don't want to forget these moments!

This was at Elinor's birthday party at the state park.

 Reuben scooped together a pile of leaves for the kids to play in.

An evening at home. 

We went out to visit our friends while they were camping at Sixmile. Helen had the brilliant idea to make a leaf crown!

With the help of some duct tape from the guys, it stuck together!

I was kind of proud of this. :)

Going for a walk!

Father and son. 

*Sigh* Is there anything better than fall colors?

Reuben was slightly disgusted with me because I didn't notice that I was inches away from poison ivy when I was taking this photo. 

I miss the golden fall sunshine so much!


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