The Story of the Hollyhocks

The Story of the Hollyhocks
"We have a couple of options. We could live in our own trailer in a trailer court...or we could live in my grandparents' basement."

These were the two housing options that Reuben offered me when we were engaged.

I was a little apprehensive about both options. Neither were what I was expecting as our first home (thanks to the inflated expectations I had due to my conservative homeschool ideals for a young man).

We settled on the basement, even though living in someone else's house was not very appealing to me. I had heard stories of grandparents interfering and generally being annoying to the grandchildren that lived with them.

My fears proved to be totally ungrounded when it came to Grandma and Grandpa Kastner. They had lived in someone else's house when they were first married, so they knew all about it.

The Story of the Hollyhocks
One example of how kind they were had to do with the hollyhocks that Grandpa had planted. They grew right in front of our windows, and grandma was concerned that they blocked our view. She asked several times if they bothered us.

Of course they didn't - they were absolutely gorgeous!

The Story of the Hollyhocks
Every summer when the hollyhocks bloom, I remember how Grandpa Kastner planted them, and how Grandma Kastner was so concerned that they bothered us. It makes me smile, and my heart aches because I wish I could have known them longer.

And that's the story of the hollyhocks.


  1. Wonderful memories and beautiful photos. Thank you, Erica! Auntie Jean

  2. Shooting nature can be a hard task. I hate when what I see is way better than what I shoot. But thanks to I can make them look great after all.


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