The Hepaticas are Here

The Hepaticas are Here
As I'm sure I've mentioned before on my blog, Hepaticas are the sign that spring has really truly come to northern Minnesota.

Of course we had snow the other day, but that's for another post.

The Hepaticas are Here
Last week I took the kiddos for a stroller ride (well, James was in the stroller, Helen just walked) for the express purpose of hunting up some hepaticas. I'd seen them on a walk a few days before, but they were mostly closed for the evening.

We found many different patches - the weather had been so pleasant that week.

It's fun to find the white ones, which seem to be a bit more rare.

The Hepaticas are Here
We picked a bouquet, trudged home, and placed them in little vases (I used an old salt shaker).

The Hepaticas are Here
What's a sign that spring has come where you live?

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  1. Those little flowers are beautiful Erica Lea! I've never seen them before here in southern California. Our first sign of spring are the daffodils that bloomed a few months ago!


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