Over the Holidays

Hey, friends!

It's been a little while since we've chatted: the holidays are always so busy, and I've been struggling to get back into a good routine. Plus, I got a pretty nasty cold/flu which knocked me out for a couple of days.

Anyway, here's some photos of what we did over the holidays!

Over the Holidays
I decided it was high time I made some frosted gingerbread cookies. Helen LOVED helping out.

Over the Holidays 02
I tried my best to teach her to get the cutter right out to the edge without going over. :)

Over the Holidays 03

Over the Holidays
You guys, I'm rubbish at frosting cookies. These are the best of the bunch.

However, these tasted amazing.

Over the Holidays 04
Christmas Eve at Reuben's family's house! Their tradition is to have everyone bring a different kind of soup. This year I made ramen from scratch.

Also, I curled Helen's hair with a flat iron.

Over the Holidays 05
James enjoyed the feast as well (he ate special baby-friendly food that I made for him).

Over the Holidays 06
Keeping kids entertained (AKA not destroying everything in sight) at someone else's house is always...interesting. I love it that Reuben's family has toys readily available!

Over the Holidays 07
Happy but a bit incredulous that he was allowed to rip paper!

Over the Holidays 08
The chaos of opening presents.

Over the Holidays 09
Half the fun of getting presents is showing them off to your cousins. :P

Over the Holidays
Rommegrot (technically Floyelsgrot) - AKA the most delicious Christmas treat ever! Get the recipe HERE.

Over the Holidays
Opening presents at my family's house.

Over the Holidays
Helen wore her new pink sparkly dress (a present from Reuben and I).

New Years was kind of a depressing day. I was thinking about sad stuff. And I didn't intend to stay up until midnight, but it just happened anyway. Ha!

How did y'all celebrate Christmas/the new year?

Also, would you prefer to see a "Top 10 Photos of 2016" or "My New Workout Routine" post next?



  1. Lovely pictures. James's expressions are hilarious. I was probably "up" nursing my newborn on New Year's, but I don't remember! Personally, I'd like to read about your workout routine.

  2. Happy New Year, Erica!

    James has such an impish look with that left eyebrow. I love it. I was reading at midnight on NYE, so I was up and nudged my husband, "Honey, it's midnight." "Mumble", he said.

    I'd like to see your year in pictures. Thanks for your lovely blog.

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